What is the role of advertising in accelerating crypto adoption in Latin America?


The world situation and in particular what is happening in some Latin American countries, have awakened more interest in cryptomonies. Leandro Reta Sabio, founder and CEO of Futre Crypto Media, shared with Cointelegraph en Español, from Argentina, his vision about the role of mass advertising to accelerate crypto adoption in Latin America.

„In the last few weeks we have seen a boom in crypto ads and I think the industry is starting to understand that mass crypto adoption will take place in mass media advertising“, said Reta Sabio.

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According to the CEO of Futre Crypto Media, in our region there is a great interest in cryptology as a matter of necessity and not as a simple technological „early adopters“ or as a matter of ideology.

„I think it is simple. We don’t want the fruit of our work to lose value minute by minute because of the economic measures of our governments“, he remarked.

In this sense, he described how -according to his viewing- the target public is: „To increase the size of the market, the target public walks around the streets of the cities, uses their cell phones to check the news of the day, watches the evening news and goesogle ‚how to buy bitcoins‘. At the moment it is not on Reddit or on Telegram’s crypto groups“.

He then added, „During my ten years of experience as a digital marketing consultant and trainer, I focused on increasing campaign ROI through the metrics provided by digital platforms. What if I told you that we could connect our digital campaigns with dynamic digital street ads to measure results?

Reta Sabio is convinced that, in order to generate mass adoption, you have to „win the street“. In this context, he expressed: „I think it is time for the crypto communities in Latin America to communicate to an audience that needs cryptomonies but doesn’t know where to start“.

An Analysis of Binance and Grayscale

Reta Sabio cited two examples, taking Binance and Grayscale as some of those who are making inroads into mass campaigns on public streets and television.

Binance launched its campaign announcing „Money is evolving, it’s time to adapt“, in the streets of London, making it clear what the evolution of currencies is for them.

„In their ads they refer to Bitcoin and not to cryptomontages in general, perhaps because their target audience has positioned Bitcoin above cryptomontages when referring to this industry,“ explained the CEO of Futre Crypto Media.

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„It’s clear that it doesn’t have an outstanding call to action and that even the Bitcoin currency has more visibility than the word Binance. I interpret that this campaign will be the first of many where the emphasis is on presenting Bitcoin in society and then going for its brand,“ he said later.

On the other hand, Grayscale launched a 30-second spot on some TV networks in the United States with a clear objective: „We’re going to bring the cryptosystems to the masses.

„On several occasions there were complaints that the ad communicated the evolution of money and didn’t go directly to talk about Bitcoin. Perhaps, according to Binance, they need to first make it clear that their target audience knows that Bitcoin exists and then go to a company that is related to that industry. Clearly these ads are not intended for advanced users of cryptosystems,“ analyzed Reta Sabio.

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Finally, the following question was asked: Would you have imagined a Google ad in the year 2000 wanting to position your brand without first mentioning what the Internet was?

His answer was the following: „I think that now, at an advertising level, we are going the same way. That’s why I think it’s convenient to continue generating massive interest in cryptomonies in the first place. In my opinion, The News Spy companies operating in Latin America should think about this before launching their brands on the street. I insist, to generate massive crypto adoption we need to advertise in mass media.

What is the role of advertising in accelerating crypto adoption in Latin America?
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